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Often our customers call us when they are in a jam and need a replacement part as soon as possible to get their operations back online. We stock thousands of electric motor wear and replacement parts, so you don’t have to! We have a wide variety of brakes, seals, bearings, coils, interpoles, heaters, blowers, etc. Don’t hesitate! Contact us and we’ll be sure to get you back up and running.

Dings Brakes

IEMS is a stocking distributor for Dings Brakes. The Dings Naval Service Brake, which is designed to perform above and below water, combines all the advantages of a direct acting design with the corrosion protection that is needed for marine applications. All models conform to MIL-B-16392C specifications.

We stock complete brake assemblies,  replacement parts and offer around-the-clock service for brake motors. An extensive brake parts inventory is on-hand to provide quick turnaround repair or replacement of brake motors. Our brake parts inventory includes:


IEMS is your stocking distributor for JM Clipper Protech™ Labyrinth Seals. Protech uses low-friction PTFE in a patent design to protect bearings from failure. Why? No shaft contact means no shaft wear!

The efficient two-piece design is chemical resistant and meets IEEE-841 for electric motors. Only Protech™ Labyrinth seals have been tested and proven to provide total exclusion of contaminants and zero leakage.

Babbitt Bearings

IEMS can rebuild your Babbitt bearing in-house, shortening the motor repair time as this service does not need to be outsourced. We provide complete testing and analyzing services, state-of-the-art ultrasonic and penetrant technology, guaranteed precision workmanship, small to large spin-casting capabilities, emergency turnaround, bearing redesign and work within a 1/1000th tolerance.

Industrial Electric Motor Service, Inc.

IEMS supplies new and remanufactured electric motors to the petrochemical, marine, dredging, offshore and construction industries.
We also maintain a large inventory of wear parts and accessories to keep your equipment running in optimal condition.

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